About Frank Buck

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"In nearly 30 years of actively practicing law, I've seen many courtrooms work, know how they should work and will ensure that mine operates efficiently and fairly.  I'd sincerely appreciate your support."

With more than twenty nine years of legal and courtroom experience, Frank Buck knows our judicial system inside and out.  His first-hand knowledge and experience allows him to know what it takes to keep a courtroom operating efficiently and most important – fairly to all parties involved.
His nearly three decades of extensive legal work throughout South Louisiana and other states has provided Frank with strong experience on numerous jury trials as well as handling practically every type of legal matter possible for an extremely diverse group of clients.
He has worked on cases involving maritime law, contracts, family law, successions, real estate matters, criminal defense and complex litigation for international business interests.  Frank has also expertly handled numerous writs, briefs and oral arguments with the 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th Circuit Courts of Appeal as well as oral arguments with the Louisiana Supreme Court.
“Hands-on” work has given him the temperament, wide-ranging experience and knowledge of our legal system that you want, need and deserve in a judge.